Servovalve sonographic experience
from 1999 to 2009

out now !

Temps Fixe [dvd], brings you a taxidermical glimpse into the world of servovalve, while Time Creatures [cd], allows you to discover our work in its original form : a realtime audiovisual application, conceived exclusively for computers…

Both discs present servovalve's 3 main performances.

These 3 episodes are each made up of 8 autonomous generative sub-modules, most of which can be played limitlessly…

artwork by kros


avec le soutien de :
Arcadi, action régionale pour la création artistique en Ile-de-France
Techné, rencontres internationales des arts multimédias

  • 1 DVD including :

    by Joan Giner + Laurent Carlier
    documentary film 30'
    Skrone taxidermical version 35'
    Neon 9 taxidermical version 35'
    Public Anémie taxidermical version 35'
  • 1 CD including :

    Skrone source version ??'
    Neon 9 source version ??'
    Public Anémie source version ??'
    3 x 8 sub-modules source version


available here :
→ Optical Sound

alt : samples.mov


time has come for website reconstruction.

Most of the sonographic modules are now available on Temps Fixe.
New stuff downloadable here in next few months…




an automated or not soundscape machine, between ear candy and superstrings instrument.


a kind of drum machine split up into 2 synchronized tracks.